Lively Teppan


TEPPAN is very entertaining. Our skilled Teppan chefs cook high quality meats or seafood of your choice in front of you. We also prepare vegetable combination dinners for vegetarian customers. Teppan chefs produce an amusing and exciting show while cooking. Until your dinner is ready, you will enjoy the appetizers with the show. When the show is over, your freshly cooked dinner is ready.

Vibrant Sushi Bar


We serve high quality fresh fish everyday. We have various specialties everyday at the sushi bar. If you have any requests, our Sushi chefs will be happy to create special orders for you according to your preferred taste. Feel free to talk or ask questions to the Sushi chefs.

Izakaya Dining


The concept of our dining room is IZAKAYA style. IZAKAYA is a Japanese restaurant where you enjoy variety of small dishes with drinking. We serve very creative dishes based on traditional Japanese food. All dishes are created for customers to try Japanese food easily. Enjoy our dishes with our special selection of wine and sake, beer, cocktails, and our special martinis from our full bar.